Why I Haven’t Changed Jobs in Almost 2 Decades

What is it like to work for the one of largest sign companies in North America?

There is typically the idea that the larger a company becomes, the colder it becomes. The less hands on the sales staff are & the less responsive the staff in each department. Largest company invokes thoughts of endless automated phone messages and replies to emails. Thankfully that is not Pattison Sign Group.

Have things changed over the last almost 19 years that I have been with the company? Of course, we don’t have files to lug around anymore (thankfully) and we now have a central reception desk that does have automated transfer, but other than that, not much has changed. People start their careers at PSG & retire there. One of my closet friends, family of different blood actually, has been at PSG for 39 years this October.

My dear friend who has been with PSG 39 years, Sandra & myself

At our Canadian head office in Toronto, 3 of our 4 senior executives reside. The same office I am proud to call my office. You would think there would be a corporate culture that would keep those executives at arms reach of those of us on the sales floor, that there would be multiple buffer zones between us on projects, insulating them from the insanity that sales and project management sometimes can be, but there isn’t. All of our executives are ready and willing to get in the sandbox & get dirty with us. Helping us, holding us up when we need it, to get where we need to be. There is no calendar you can’t access to invite an executive to a meeting & there is no brain you can’t pick. This isn’t just the case for myself because of my tenure, but it’s the case for all of us.

We don’t just work together either. We play together too. From golf to bowling and fundraising we do it all. We celebrate each employee’s birth announcement as “welcome to the PSG family” and we mourn each person’s loss through the passing of a family member together as well.

Professional goals we celebrate as a company either at an awards evening, the holiday party or through an email. As the recipient of 14 President’s Club Awards I can honestly say, with pride, that someone who wins our highest sales award gets the same treatment and recognition as someone in a different department winning our personal achievers award for going above & beyond. None of us are labeled by our department; we are labeled by our names.

As for our names, you would think that in a company with over 825 employees people would forget names. Even in an office of 200, that would be acceptable, but once again, we are a family, not a company.

We build houses together through Habitat for Humanity, we fundraise for something different each month from Movember & Heart & Stroke to homeless shelters. We do charitable bike rides & walks; we spend the better part of our lives with close friends and people who have become our family.

The company culture of relationships within is what makes us work so well together and for our clients. Big isn’t always a bad thing and I wouldn’t change my PSG family for the world.

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