Scruples Isn’t Just a Board Game

In the ’80’s Scruples was a big board game, the Cards Against Humanity of that decade. It was a game of questions where you got to show your friends if you held yourself to any ethical standards. As I’ve learned since then is either people are ethical, or they aren’t.

There is a misconception that sales people are sleazy. That we will sell you anything you ask for & deliver what we want. I am proud of the fact that I will, without hesitation, say no to prospective & current clients. Don’t ask for that sign, the city won’t let you have it. Don’t put up a fourth sign, there’s no visibility from the road on that elevation. You get the point. I don’t like going back to my clients after a contract is signed with change orders, additional costs or rejections from the city & try my best to avoid all of them to the best of my ability.

Then I will listen to complaints of new clients. “Company XYZ sold me something corporate doesn’t approve of & said they got approval”, or “XYZ’s sales rep said it was an all in price & then sent me a massive installation bill”. The people who do this have no ethics & don’t belong in a position that, in my opinion, demands them.

Then on the other side of the coin you have unethical prospective clients to deal with. Now all clients are different & all of my clients get the service level from me, but then there are THOSE clients. The kind of people you just know are yelling at a drive through window because their drink isn’t the right temperature. In my experience, some people will just never be happy & some people are always out to get something for free.

At PSG we don’t charge for our artwork or quotes & charge a very small fee for permit procurement. I have had several people take those drawings & get them built by someone else, poorly. Or better yet, take the drawings & permit & give it to another signage company. Would anyone take their Big Mac into Nobu? And to the companies that will work directly off of someone else’s art, where are your ethics? When people send me other companies quotes & art, I refuse to quote the job. I will not use another companies resources for my benefit.

Relativity applies to physics, not ethics. 

Albert Einstein

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